New Lifescapes is in the business of assisting you in Living a Life You LOVE.  

Public Speaker and Coach for entrepreneurs and business owners, as well as, people from all walks of life ready to live their version of a Perfect Life. 

It's as easy as a scheduling call to see if this is right for you. 

I truly believe that You can have a Perfect Life and what that means is up to you.

Jeffery Stevenson, Chief Possibility Officer at New Lifescapes


Life Mastery Institute Founder, Mary Morrissey

I have know Jeffery Stevenson for 15 years. He is an amazing entrepreneur & businessman... and more than that he's a man of great insight and heart and wisdom. What I know is that he understands how it works in the universe well enough support you; not only in discovering your dream; what you would love your life to be like; and more than that, how to make your life exactly like that. Study with Jeffery Stevenson, you're going to be so grateful that you did.

Jeffery Stevenson supported me in realizing a deeper part of myself and how that can be directed into the work that I do. I highly recommend him.
 ~ Hiedi S
Jeffery is a compassionate, loving soul who truly seeks to motivate and inspire others to create their highest good. Jeffery embodies the essence of soulfulness with his spirit and energy is a consummate professional that is always well prepared, asks pertinent questions of his clients and is grounded in the topic of his speaking engagements.  Always looking out for the best interest of his clients, he challenges people to provide life changing exercises not just theory, to support them in achieving their goals and dreams. 
~ Sherry G. 
 I had the opportunity to hear Jeff Stevenson speak last night. I just want to say the man is gifted in teaching almost any subject and sharing it with other people so they can get the message that they were talking about. if you ever get the chance to hear him speak I highly recommend you take it. 
~ Sandy D.

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